Thursday, February 25, 2010


long time no blogging! my school quarter is almost done, only 2 more weeks till finals so its been crazy! i feel like these past two weeks, ive been coming home exhausted. and even if ive had sleep, i wake up feeling tired. i find myself falling asleep in class a lot now.. i never did that in the past.. -.-

once again, im cross eyed.. *sigh* i swear its only when i take pics of my eyes!

anyways, recently, i started not to give a crap about how i look when i go to school. because like my friend said to me, i go to school to learn, not to impress people. so my face routine has been Foundation, Eyeliner, and Mascara. sometimes i dont even wear mascara.

what do you guys do with your faces when you`re either in a hurry to go to school/work/whatever? i know some may say "no makeup" but i just cant do that LOL i NEED makeup.


Serenie S. said...

I agree. I NEEEED makeup. At least eyeliner and mascara. AT LEAST!! Hahaha.
Where I'd be without it... hiding in a cave or something. LOL.

Denysia said...

If I have to put makeup on before I leave the house, I'll just simply throw on some foundation, powder, and then maybe a little blush, and I'm out! :D

Peter said...

did i say that? haha
its okay i look kinda crosseyed in pix as well and one eye is rounder than the other.

i just put on sunscreen and dab concealer on all the dark ugly spots on my face and run the fuck out of my house :)