Saturday, February 20, 2010


did major damage at the mall on wends! hehe mostly at Forever 21. its been like 2 months since ive gone to the mall.. i feel like i wear the same stuff every week.. so i decided to go to the mall! the blue collar shirt, i bought for only $0.01 cent!! because wet seal was having this one sale where it was buy 1 get second for 1 cent! :) and i FINALLY invested in the Too Face Shadow Insurance. i never really needed a primer because i didnt think my lids were all that oily, but i notice more and more now, that if i wear my makeup ALL DAY towards the end of the night, my makeup will look kinda gross. i was debating on if i should get the TooFace or the Urban Decay, but the Sephora sales associate said that TooFace gives you more product and its a little cheaper so i took the TooFace. :)

rite aid was having a crazy sale on makeup! most of the things were buy 1 get 1 50% off! yay! haha i decided i`ll take the chance and buy the Revlon Photoready in 003 Shell. i swatched it on my hand and yes, i can see many sparkles.. im not sure i can pull it off haha i shall use it on monday. i loveee CoverGirl eyeshadows :) so i got more. hehe OOH and the GreatLash in Royal Blue! i cant wait to try this out!!!!

im going to eat AYCE sushi tonight for my friends` bday! ahh i love sushi, too bad i cant eat much.. :( my friend says i eat like a frog..

have a great weekend guys!


nthlee said...

nice blog! :)


Serenie S. said...

Ahh! Too Faced Shadow Insurance is my HG primer.
I hate UDPP. It's a pain in the ass. The packaging just plain sucks.
Lucky you have a Rite Aid and stuff. Walgreens has great sales but they're all in town so I have to drive far to go. =[
I only have a bunch of Longs and WalMarts.

lisaa__ said...

@nthlee: THANKS! :)

@serenie: sounds like living in hawaii is a pain :( tell me if you want anything!! ill send it to you! seriously! i dont mind! :)

emolychan said...

noice! i wanna do some dmg at the mall too but i'm still in the process for looking for a [real] job and i still feel bad for buying so much in HK.. haha

PS: i've moved to

e.motion in motion said...

Great haul! I want to try TFSI sometime, I have a UDPP sample and it isn't all THAT great imo XP Can't wait to hear reviews... love the CG shadows!

Peter said...

i think my mom would yell at me if i bought that much at once