Saturday, February 6, 2010

blackberry turned pinkberry

i turned my blackberry to a pinkberry! since my fav color is pink haha with the help of this website. shipped all the way from Hong Kong, but its worth it, to me i guess cus i figured ill be stuck with this phone for a while. i placed my order on Jan 28, and it arrived today Feb 06. pretty good i guess. a little more than a week. and it came all the way from Hong Kong. so i say this site is very reliable. it also comes with the tools to help you take your bb apart.

naked bb curve :( haha


Peter said...

that is preeetty sweet

Mily Sin said...

omg your so lucky to have a blackberry! i wish i had one!

and the pink looks very pretty!

Kym said...

ewww naked bb looks so... eww. hahaha! but pinkberry, i love it!