Monday, February 8, 2010

nail polish haul

did some nail polish hauling this weekend. theres a nail salon supply store in my city and they carry a lot of different nail stuff. people mainly go there to buy stuff for their nail salon businesses hehe but i go there just to buy nail polish. its really cheap too!!
oh hey! my hands dont look boyish for once hahaha :P

3 for $5!! these are the skinny brushed nail polishes you can use to make designs on your nails.

China Glaze nail polishh!!!! :D i was in heaven haha all of these were $2 each!!
from left to right: Lavendar Lingo, 100 proof pink, white-kwik-silvr, moody blue, purple rain
the camera makes the color look a little weird. lemme describe them to you.
Lavendar lingo: its like a baby pink color soo cute, makes me feel like barbie when i wear it
100 proof pink: hot pink with tiny shimmery glitter veryy pretty
white-kwik-silvr: whiteish shimmery color with tiny shimmery glitter in it
moody blue: its like a very soft baby blue
purple rain: shiney baby purple color


Denysia said...

Where do you get china glaze polish from?

e.motion in motion said...

Awesome polish haul :D

glimmeringmetal said...

damn you were not kidding about having a nail polish haul lol loved that you saved all that money though


Anonymous said...

Nice!! thoes are cute colors. I'm trying to buy some nail polish too! =D

Kym said...

$2 each? what a steal of a deal! we never have those kinds of deals here! :( boooo!

anyway, about taking advantage of my kindness... theres always going to be people like that but the people who DO appreciate your kindness make it 10x more worth it and outweighs everything else :)

Anna said...

Aw lucky, it's kinda hard to find nail art polishes and brands such as OPI and China Glaze over here...

I used the Olympus E420, it's ok I guess.