Friday, August 14, 2009


ARG you dont deserve me as a friend. you always make me feel worthless compared to you. What about you is so great anyways?? i`ve always been there for you and im one of your only good friends. who else do you have? you say the reason why you dont have much friends is because you are such a bitch and dont care what people think?? that is only half of it! when we`re alone together, you act different than compared to when we`re out with other people. you purposely try to say things that will make me look bad or embarassed just to make yourself feel good and make yourself look better. WELL YOU`RE NOT. i am much smarter than you and at least i have a future ahead of me! i dont even know why i stay around all these years. you dont deserve such a good friend like me. after im gone, you`ll know what you`re missing. all of your good friends have been slowly leaving you and now i will do the same. have a good life with your good for nothing boyfriend of yours. who cant even take care of himself how can he take care of you? nice.

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