Monday, August 31, 2009

brace yourself

last night i had a dream that like 9 of my brackets on my braces broke and fell off while i was eating with my friends at diamond plaza. i was panicking and i knew my ortho will yell at me because last week i broke something also. i was scared because he usually charges $10 for everything i broke and if i broke 9 things, DAMN THATS $90! yeah i guess i feel bad for breaking them all the time because on friday, i found out that i broke something again because i was careless and i was eating CornNuts. yeah so i figured since my next appointment is on Sept 19th, ill just wait to be yelled at. -____-;; i`ve broke something 3 times already.. this one being my 4th. *sigh*

1 comment:

Aralka said...

But it was only a dream, so don't worry :)

haha, mouse babies... so cute <3
I have only females, yeah. But in future I want to buy 1 male, to make babies. They are lovely. I love to watch them grow! Cute.

I see. I watch many japanese dramas ;)
But sometimes I watch korean movies ^^