Saturday, August 29, 2009


yesterday, went to the Americana in Glendale to go to the Urban Outfitters there with Lucy and Cassandra because they were having a one day only sale for Polaroid Films! For those who dont know, Polaroid films are not being made anymore because they are not eco-friendly and create a lot of trash due to the metal that gets thrown away when one is finished with the film. But there is a project going on, called "The - Impossible - Project" that is trying to re-invent and bring back the Polaroid films. The films here at UO are freakn expensive though, compared to how much lucy can get it for by just looking around craigslist. So i just bought one.

As we were coming back from the mall, i was exiting from the freeway on my way to drive cassandra back home, and when i was waiting for the cars to be cleared so i can go, a car hits me from behind. fuck. so i stayed there for a little bit, reading the license plate as cassandra writes it down. then i start going, thinking the car who just hit me will follow. i turn into a small street and when i looked back, the lady who just hit me went straight instead of following me.. wtf she was trying to "hit and run" me?! so i quickly make a U turn and try to follow her. good thing i had two extra sets of eyes to watch out for the car also, i couldnt have done it by myself. the lady turns into the Big5 plaza and i was quickly following her. it looked like she was trying to lose me or something but finally she parked and i parked near her. it was some mid-aged lady who only spoke Mandarin and we exchanged info. when we were finished, she asked us to wait a little bit because she asked her friend to come. omg the guy who came was being so rude and mean... saying we need to call the police and shiet like that. lucy and cassandra got into a big argument with him because it wont matter if theres a police report because im going to report it to the insurance company anyways... so after all that arguing, i told the lady that my dad will call her and we will settle this. she asked that we do it under the table instead of dealing with the insurance company and i told her i will think about it. lol so yeah my bumper is popped open on the left side and today my dad went to get an estimate for the price to fix it.

went home, took a nap, after the accident and then went out with lucy to do some errands. ate in-n-out for dinner. for some reason, the fries and the special sauce tasted extra good. maybe it was because i havent had it in a while.

today was a super hot day... i was literally dripping in sweat just sitting in my room after 5 min :( everyone is talking about the fire, and yeah its pretty intense. hopefully all the sexy firefighters out there are safe. maybe after the fire dies down a little more, it`ll be less hot. i finished watching Burning Flames III omg what a good and exciting ending it was! haha yay


Aralka said...

Acciddents happens :(
I feel sorry about it. I hate people who run away. I don't have a driving license yet, but my mum has.
Take care

Kym said...

oh no she didn't!!!! she even tried to hit and run you??? >:( good thing you followed her and got her plate#. "under the table" hahaha sorry but why am i not surprised?!?!

Peter said...

aw you got rear ended
i've always wanted to go to the americana