Sunday, August 23, 2009

Riley Jayden Pham

omg he`s so freakn small. his head is the size of my visitor`s pass! hahhaa eww i need a haircut/trim!

just half an hour ago, i tripped and fell on my knees. i ripped my only pair of black jeans. :( damnit.

tiff`s baby is out! i went to the hospital with joan to visit today. its so small and cute! makes me want a baby for myself lol but not yet. i was her first friend to hold the baby. whoo hoo. damn i still cant believe she had a baby. we were laughing at her because she is still 19, turning 20 in 4 days, which makes her a teen mom. wow it feels weird to have a friend who has a kid already. kids are so damn cute, but im not ready for a kid.


Sarah said...

The baby looks so cute! <3

Peter said...

i need a new pair of black jeans too lol

i want a kid but not a baby lol like i just instantly want a 3 or 4 year old lol
babies are too much work

Aralka said...

What a cute baby!!! So so so cute!
And you look gorgeous :)
I like your Hello Kitty layout ^^