Tuesday, August 4, 2009

six flags

Went to Six flags with Steven today. I got to go for free because he had the season pass and he has this coupon letting him bring one friend in for free. YAY! haha this picture on the bottom was taken on the Revolution Ride. Did you know that Revolution is very historic? that is because it is the first roller coaster to be built with a loop. lol i kinda hate that ride though because im short, my head always bangs on that orange thing during the ride. That orange thing is NOT soft at all. OMG good thing i remembered to take my earrings off because last time i was on this ride, i lost an earring! >:O today was pretty fun and tiring at the same time. haha we kept wanting to take pics while we were in mid air but most of the time, the people who did the checking of the seatbelts and stuff for the rides kept telling me to put away my camera. anyways idono if its the reason that i`ve been to six flags too many times or is it because i was there just three weeks ago, but i feel that six flags is getting kinda boring. haha i almost memorized where everything is. haha by the end of our day, we were really thirsty and we were being cheap because buying ONE water bottle was like 3/4 dollars? yeah so every water fountain we saw, we quickly went to get a drink out of it haha i was prob super dehidrated today because i only went to the restroom once, and that was before we came into the park. and now, my lips are chapped, prob because i was so thirsty and kept licking my lips. arg.

ohhh and right when we barely finished riding Revolution, we were going back to the beginning where we will soon departure from the ride, and the ride breaks down. -___-;; so we were sitting there for a while.. lol it prob broke because its so old. the people who worked there said that it happens quite a lot, they prob have the same problem.

sooo i finished the blanket that we started making just right now. wow i feel so accomplished haha i feel like my sewing has gotten a lot better also. haha it doesnt look as nice as i would like it to look but it looks good enough! yay! haha


Aralka said...

I want to go to them theme park.
It's been ages, since I rode the roller coaster. I miss it, haha :D
What is your height? I think I'm short too...

Kym said...

i am so jealous. i've been dying to go to 6 Flags but havn't had the chance to.. i mean yes i live in Canada but i frequent cali a lot.. in fact i used to live there for 9 months. BOOO! i wanna go... and for free too! even better! ;P have a happy wednesday lisa!