Monday, August 3, 2009

happy birthday jessica!

today was my roomie Jessica`s bday. She turned 20 haha. We had cake, and went to Olive Garden for dinner. Dinner was fun! I ate wayy too much. By the time we finished our salad and bread sticks, we were full already. haha i had a hard time deciding on what to order. I remember for my 18th birthday I went to Olive Garden and i got this chicken pasta thingy. It was super delicious, but every time i go there, I'm reminded of that super delicious dish, but cannot remember what the name was. :( I had the fettuccine Alfredo. haha i wasnt really feeling too dangerous so i kept it simple. at least i know the fettuccine Alfredo was good. and it really was! haha i would eat more of it right now if i wasn't super stuffed.

hmm i barely met jessica last year. i met her through steph ly and im glad that i did! she decided to apartment with us because she was having some issues with this other girl she was gonna live with. i came to get to know her more. im pretty sure that without her during the past school year, i would be pretty bored. whenever i had no class, i would call up jessica and eat lunch with her or something. haha shes really quiet when you first get to know her, but shes really fun to talk to and she learned to open up to me somewhat. haha ahh i love jess! haha

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Stephanie said...

Hehehe I miss Jessicaaaa! She's so spunky and unique, I love her :) I'm glad you guys get along with her too. Is she living alone?