Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hotel! Motel! Holiday Inn!

pictures from left clockwise: 1. Stratosphere hotel where i stayed at 2. LACMA 3. Grand Canyon 4. inside the Palazzo Hotel

so im back from my three day trip to vegas and the grand canyon. First day, destination: vegas. Went to an outlet in Borstow. my mom got a polo from AE for my dad. then, we went to some place to eat. my mom was cheap so she brought Bunmi viet sandwiches and that was our lunch, while everyone else was eating their fast food. The sour vegetables ended up stinking really bad... good thing we sat in the back of the bus no one really smelled it. my sister and i begged our mom to throw the nasty sour vegetables away but she was like "no no dont waste it, imma eat it later." arg -_____-;; it amazes me how cheap my mom is. got to vegas with no traffic at all. checked into our hotels, and us kids stayed in our hotels while my mom and my aunt & uncle went downstairs to gamble. i watched spongebob the whole time. Dinner, we had some kinda buffet downstairs. it was alright, not that great. hella expensive like $17 per person. went back to our rooms so we can get to bed early because we needed to wake up at 5am the next day for the grand canyon. got to the grand canyon and went on the sky walk. the sky walk is this huge bridge that is made out of glass. You can walk on it and look at the grand canyon at the same time. that bridge was freakn scary as hell. i kept thinking i was gonna fall. >__<>__< watched some free shows and then got home at 11pm. woke up the next morning, went to a chocolate factory, and then ate an early lunch which was a buffet. i think it was called Buffet @ Asia or something like that. but that place was really really good. only $10 bucks! compared to our okay-ish buffet at the hotel. after that, we started our trip back home. went back to the outlet in borstow. bought some socks from reebok and then home. pretty good vacation i guess. haha

some of the people on the tour bus was annoying though, because they`re fobs who came from china for vacation. non stop talking made it hard for me to sleep.

i realized during this trip that my mom is real hard person to get along with sometimes. when we were in vegas, she expected me to do everything because she doesnt know english. she doesnt know english, but she always thinks she`s right. (does that make sense?) arg i was just annoyed of her sometimes during the trip. and when the tour guide was telling us the times we`re suppose to meet up and everything, she wouldnt listen and say something totally different which made me mad because i have to explain the whole thing over again to her because she was prob in her own lala land while the tour guide was talking. -______-;;

when i came home, my coastal scents 88 piece makeup palette that i ordered came! omg im so happy with my purchuse haha excited to try new colors :)

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Stephanie said...

Buffet @ Asia IS pretty good for an Asian buffet! :) I was there LOLOL