Friday, August 7, 2009

OC County Fair

i got a sunburn all over my back yesterday from the fair :( that's what i get for not wearing sunscreen lotion. blah. haha since i have light skin, my skin burns easily in the sun. the worse part was, that because my hair covered a part of my back, there`s one section that wasnt burnt at all. my friends took a picture of it. dangit man, im getting so dark this summer. good thing i didnt decide to go to the beach today because of my sunburn or else i`ll prob get even darker. lol getting a dark isnt really a big problem for me though because eventually when school starts again, i will become lighter.

so when i think of fried twinkies, fried oreos, fried cheesecake and stuff like that, i think its gross. at the fair, they`re famous for their fried stuff. haha cassandra bought some fried oreos and i had a small bite of it and its actually really good. the oreos were melted though i guess because of the temperature it had to go through haha.

i realized that if you`re not willing to spend so much money at the fair, that it wouldnt be as fun. i feel like the food is super expensive and im not willing to fort over money just to show that im a loser. haha i was chicken and i didnt play any games because i was afraid to lose money and end up with nothing but my friends played many games and ended up with nothing except Nick. Nick won this giant dog thingy from playing basketball. its quite cute on the outside, but the inside isnt that soft. i really liked the giraffe that is shown in the picture. it was cute and soft! not like the other prizes haha i wish the lover could`ve came with me to win it for me. hahah i guess i only went to hang out with friends and see what the whole fuss was about. it seemed like everyone and their mothers went to the OC fair lately and this week is their last week. so yeah why not.

after that, there was a bit of drama. well for the people in my car at least. so when everyone was done, they were like okay guys lets leave. but cassandra and zack still wanted to play one more game so zack can get this super cute baby spongebob. and while we were playing, they just left. like wtf you didnt notice that 4 people were gone??! idono but it felt like that for the whole day. they all left when we were going to look at this photography gallery and when we called them to see where they were, they left... yeah so after zack and cassandra was finished playing their game, we called to see where they are and where they were headed. they wanted to go back to nick`s house in irvine. we got soo freakn lost because how the hell are we suppose to know where nick`s house is when we`ve never even been there.... this was just the start of my fusturation. so we eventually did find his house. when we got there, we went to go eat. we decided on this one japanese ramen place. when we were going there, we got lost and went on the wrong freeway, but got there shortly. when we got there, we saw that the place was closed. and then we find out that they texted ben telling him that they`re not gonna eat at the ramen place and that their gonna go eat at the irvine spectrum instead. instantly, i got pissed because i thought they purposely left and went somewhere else to eat because they prob didnt wanna eat where we wanted to eat. i was super pissed because it was a waste of gas, and a waste of time. and i was ready to just be like fuck you guys, im going home because i was seriously fed up with the area due to the fact that im not from irvine nor am i familiar with the area. after, when WE decided to call them, not THEM calling us >:[, they said that they got lost getting to the ramen place and just went back to nick`s house... i was seriously going to go home, but seeing as we`re all bickering i just sucked it up and went to the spectrum. We ate at red robins. The food there is so expensive! and its mostly burgers which costed like 10 bucks at least. but the only good thing about that place was their unlimited fries. and that was how the day ended.

yesterday, i tried to attempt eki`s Doll Eyes makeup. i guess you cant really tell the diff between this make up and the make up i usually do everyday, but i think it does look a little diff when i look in the mirror. maybe its the way im smiling in the picture or whatever, but my eyes arent as big and beautiful as hers :( i have short eyelashes compared to hers and and i think she`s wearing circle lens. lol oh wells.


Stephanie said...

Oh dear drama sucks. I want to go to the OC Fair, but I'm not home anymore. You're right though, sometimes you need to spend some money to have fun (unfortunately).
I want to try Eki's doll eyes tutorial, but my eyes aren't as big as hers... at least you've got double eyelids :)
Have a great weekend!

Peter said...

i'd be a grouchy ass bitch too

your makeup is nice :)

Sylvia said...

you look great in your take on eki's look!