Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Im in LA trick!

<-- picture of LA. cant really see very well because of the smog :( Today i ate Souplantation with my best friend Lucy. I had a Buy one get one free coupon so our total for both of us was $14 something. YAY FOR COUPONS! lol i should really cut coupons more often! it saves so much money!! hahaha after that, we wanted to go to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) so we went to my house, looked up info, asked my sister if she wanted to join us, waited for my mom to come home so my brother doesn't have to stay home alone, then headed out. When we got there, we found out that LACMA is closed on Wends!! out of all days!! O__o So we decided to go to the Griffith Observatory. It was my second time there, but since my sister has never been, we went. it was okay. haha took lots of pictures. Today, there were a lot of people. Its prob so packed because tonight theres another Meteor Shower. Many people go there to watch the shower for some reason. After that, we went to Trader Joe`s because lucy needed some unsalted butter for a cake she`s baking. i got myself a bag of chips. Baked Jalapeno Cheese Crunchies, they`re called. HAHA they`re actually really good! now they`re my favorite chips from Trader Joes. :) Came home, ate dinner with the parents and now im online. This Saturday, im going to the Grand Canyon with my parents for three days. we`re going with those tour buses. haha yay i hope i wont get annoyed on this trip. im looking forward to taking some pics.

Tuesday, the significant other surprised me with candy. lol its cute. haha its the thoughts that count! very thankful for that. He got me all my favorite flavors. Those Hello Kitty Marshmallows things on a stick look better than they taste. He`s sick right now because i recently made him stop smoking. Well im not sure if that`s the reason why, but he was coughing a lot and i made him stop smoking because by smoking it will make his throat hurt more and he said he`ll stop for good. Yesterday, he went to the doctors because whenever he coughed, he would feel pain in his chest. He took an x-ray and his doctor suggested he stop smoking forreals.

i watched three eps of Burning Flames III, and it`s starting to get really good. i`ve been crying my eyes out for the past two days. I wanted to watch more but i had already put make up on and i didnt wanna re-do it again.

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Peter said...

eh long bus rides, least you got your DS