Thursday, August 13, 2009


<-- Since tiff is pregnant now, she can sit her bowl on her tummy while she eats haha JUST LIKE HOMER SIMPSON!! ^^

Hung out with Tiff and Joan today. We went to Old Country Cafe to eat because those two cant decide where to eat. They both didnt like that place, but i thought it was okay haha i just liked the idea that they gave free refills for their boba milk teas. Except i didnt get any refills because i was too full. I kinda hate it when people cant decide on a place to go, but in the end, they complain that they didnt like it. WTH next time you pick your own place to eat then! but its whatever. We went back to tiff`s house to play with her bitchy chihuahua.

This month, i almost finished all my minutes for my phone plan. i alone used like 800+ mins O__O yeah.. six more days till the plan ends. trying to decrease our useage to t-mobile members and late night calls haha..

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Denysia said...

maybe you should get AT&T. I have that phone plan currently, and I have 3000+ rollover minutes. The plan with unlimited text msg is kind of expensive though. It's better to share with a friend, or a relative. I pay around 95 dollars a month for my plan for myself.