Saturday, August 22, 2009


im so super bored. been playing with the poupeegirl website since the morning so i can get more ribbons and buy cyber clothes for my poupeegirl doll. i know i know. this is so pitiful.

i should prob go out to exercise or something because im gaining weight by just staying home and sitting on my ass, and i seriously gained weight since the middle of july. :( one more month left till i get back to my regular weight and get ready for school.

yesterday i got my braces tightened. the wire in the back is poking my cheek and i have a really bad kanker sore now. so painful >__< i called them and i have to wait till monday 9am to go see them to cut that off. blah

my minutes finally restarted yesterday. yay now imma be more cautious about my mins haha

today tiffany texted me at 4am telling me that her baby shower is cancelled because her baby is ready to come out already. damn like a month early.. haha her baby shower was gonna be on tuesday too. idono joan and i might go to the hospital to see her..not sure yet. the baby isnt even out yet, she says she might have to stay over night.

yesterday i went to a surprise birthday party for cassandra`s little sister, sekina, who just turned 18. there were bunch of little high schoolers there. i felt so out of place and old. -__-;; at least lucy, cassandra and zack were there. they were kinda annoying at the same time. it felt like they were trying to steal sekina`s spotlight.. eh i guess different generations are different. the food was good though because cassandra`s mom makes good food. we had some kinda viet rice noodle and also shrimp scampi, viet jello and egg rolls. yum haha after that, we went to cassandra`s house to play scrabble. dang that game is hard! the first game i at least scored 100+ points, but the second game, we had to keep looking up words because we werent sure if it was a real word. i challeneged their words and i lost my turn 2 times, which made me lose so many points.

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