Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Great vege experience

went with joan to get a haircut today. we went to the salon that i usually go for my haircuts. she liked her haircut. im glad, cus if she didnt like it she`ll be yelling at me. hahaha after that, we went to my house to chill, and then lollicup to chill and get a drink. called up cassandra for some vegetarian dinner. we went to Bulan. this vegetarian thai restaurant. usually, i wont eat at thai places because i had a bad experience once. but now, i think it`s not that bad. haha i got the vegetable tom yum soup and added rice noodle in it. zack got the "hot wings" haha it looks like real hot wings but its vegetarian. cass got the spicy fried rice with tofu which i didnt take a picture of, and joan got some pad thai with some fake meat lol. the fake meat tastes like beef jerky, and was very soft. overall a very good experience haha because when i go to vegetarian places with them, i get really scared. im scared i wont like the food and i`ll be wasting my money.

im going to the OC fair tomorrow. whoo hoo. haha $1 rides! yayuh


Kym said...

gahhhhh i want all those things. yes its 8:48AM but so what, i want it all! haha! $1 rides? sighhh that's why america is so awesome, cheap rides and cheap/good food. boooo you all! haha! ;P

lisaa__ said...

haha kym, come back to cali!!!! we miss you here!! :D

Peter said...

its under 5lbs..or around it..i'll get a laptop sleeve eventually lol