Wednesday, August 26, 2009


it seems like everyone i know is either having a baby or getting new pets, specifically dogs. i guess if you`re not ready to have a kid, the next new trend is to have a puppy. i want a small puppy for myself, because puppies are so playful and small. i do feel bad for not playing with my big dog that i have. it looks so sad. all it does is sleep :( the reason why i dont walk my dog or anything is because he`s too big and when i walk him, i feel like imma let go the leash any sec and he`ll run away. he`s really strong.
that`s my dog there on the right, he doesnt look that big, but trust me, he`s biggg. and he`s gotten fatter since i taken the picture because he doesnt get regular exercise :( ahh, it must suck to be a dog sometimes, well my dog Lucky at least...

this dog is joan`s dog that she got for her mom. it is a half chiwahwa and half shizu. i played with it today and its soo freakn hyper! joan says its never been hyper with anyone until i got there. haha his little teeth are freakn sharp as hell. its teething.

staying at home makes me fat. my mom always makes dinner effing late. we always end up eating dinner at 8:30pm or later. i cant wait to go back to school so i can get back into my normal eating habit, which is eating before 6pm.

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Peter said...

everyone and their dam boyfriends ar e adopting friggin dogs man heh