Sunday, August 9, 2009


its a funny thing. today, cassandra asked me how i was with the significant other and has there been any new fights lately. i told her nope, its been a week since we`ve had a fight. not too long after that, we got into another argument. so i know he wants a watch and i was looking for a watch so i can surprise him. i found a couple watch, meaning our watches will match each other. i asked him, "what do you think about white watches?" and he said "umm its ok why do you ask?" i told him "oh im getting it for a friend but i dont know if he`ll like it." and he got super jealous and mad. (he`s the jealous type) he was saying that i`ve been doing things behind his back and stuff like that. and i was just like WHAO WTF i got mad because he was getting crazy over this and i just said "ya know what, FUCK IT" and he was like "what?" and i yelled at him saying i was getting the watch for him, and he ruined it, and gosh why does he needa be so jealous all the time, he needs to control himself and he doesnt trust me and all that stuff. i totally made him feel bad. gosh i was seriously firing up at that time. i didnt even wanna talk to him.

i cooled down after i took a nap. we watched Marley and Me (sweet movie with a sad ending). then he told me a bed time story. he read me Snow White haha and the other night, he told me the little red riding hood story. he`s such a cutie. he can be such a pain because of his jealousy, but he can be sweet at the same time. i love it when he says hes gonna take care of me :)

ohh the picture above, haha he called me once and this number came up. its so weird.

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Kym said...

boooo, sorry to hear about the fighting.. but you know what, its in every relationship. it may not be jealousy, but something else. no relationship is perfect :) glad you guys can work it out though!