Thursday, August 27, 2009

boring thursday afternoon

im so bored that i`ve even decided to blog. gosh...

so i have been playing this new online game lately called WonderKing. Its like MapleStory, but different? The hubbie made me play. I told him that I really shouldn`t play because imma get freakn hooked on it, but yeah.. i started playing and now im hooked. I`ve been home everyday usually playing from morning till dinner time. Since its a relatively new game, they have a Beta version and right now, they closed it to do more modifications and they dont know when it will be up again. *sigh* im so boredd.

so after i couldn't play games anymore, i went to watch some TV since i havent watched television in a long time, i want to catch up on some of my shows. That was when i remembered that i need to catch up on Megan Wants a Millionaire. I went onto the VH1 website and i found out that they took that show off for some reason.. arg im upset now because that was a pretty entertaining show, even though i do hate that butter face Megan lol.

so i recently ordered this watch set for me and the significant other on today it came and when i opened the box, it only had one watch in there, his. im mad because i payed for two? so i wanted to call the customer service, but since the company is in Hong Kong, i have to wait till its 4pm here so it can be 8am there... so i just emailed them. i hope they`ll give me the other watch, or at least give me some money back, but i would rather have the other watch because i think its quite pretty... arg

i think i`ll just catch up on Burning Flames III and watch some television after. im wasting my summer away.. :(


Peter said...

they took off megan wants a millionaire because of the contestants was involved with killing and mutilating this model named jasmin fiore. if u've been watching the news lol

sorry bout your watch fiasco

Kym said...

those are gorgeous watches! but... uh.. only one? sucks that you have to deal with them being in a different timezone! hope it gets fixed soon!

styleganji said...

awwwwww ur page is cute and im sorry that u had that happen to u! hope u geet the other watch its so cute and ill def take pics tomorow